Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day for a Make-over!

A couple of weeks ago I won a contest, the prize was a hair makeover at a local salon.  Today, I went for my makeover!!  I met Jessica, my stylist at Trashy Roots Salon.  What a beautiful and sweet woman!!  We chatted quiet a bit during my cut and color.  I learned that we both have little girls, close in age, that share the same dislike for any hair accessory that keeps hair out of their faces!  Also, small world, her younger sister is a friend of mine!  We went to school together from 3rd grade through to high school graduation and she now helps with taking care of my grandma in the nursing home!
Jessica was so helpful with selecting the right color for my hair.  I wanted something natural but noticeable, and she hit the nail on the head!  Her talent did not stop there!  My cut looks exactly like the picture that I gave her!
Also, I had the opportunity to chat with Slava, the writer of Re-Discover Washington.  Her love for local business was infectious!  We covered several topics while waiting for the dye to set.  We both share an interest in healthy eating and educating people about food!  She told me about a place called Global Market, I must go!!  Food selections from around the world, all at my fingertips!!  I think I may have found another "food buddy"!  Lisa, Laura and Slava ... it has a nice ring to it!  LOL  Slava blogs about nutrition as well, I will definitely be reading those posts!!
In the end, I had a wonderful afternoon that turned my day around and met two very lovely women!  This mom of two girls, that would be me, who never does anything for herself because diapers and "kid stuff" comes first, GREATLY appreciated this prize!
If you are local, check out Slava's Re-Discover Washington blog!  Supporting our local business will keep our local economy healthy!  We live in a wonderful area, rich with history and beauty!  Go out and discover it!!

Oh, I will post a picture of my new hair a.s.a.p. and I will also make sure to share Slava's blog post about it too!

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  1. Thank you so much for blogging about me and Re-Discover Washington, Gussie! It was great to meet you today - I couldn't have thought of a more deserving person to win the game! The pictures of the makeover will be on the blog tomorrow - I love your new do! We will stay in touch :-)