Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lil' Pumpkin Tutu

Kaitlyn has an orange Halloween shirt that says "trick or treat" in black.  It is a unisex shirt that I found last fall at Baby's R Us on clearance for like $1!  I decided that I want to girl it up by pairing it with a tutu and black leggings.  Tutus can be quiet pricey to buy and since I have tulle sitting on my shelf, I decided to make one myself!  So here are my instructions for this almost no-sew tutu.

Start with a section of thin elastic and stitch the ends together to form the waist.
You can also use ribbon to make the waist, in this case you would tie a knot at each end leaving approx. 12 inches on each end for tying.  The next step is to cut your sections of tulle.  The length depends on how long you want your tutu to be.  I cut mine 20 inches long.  Loosely stretch the elastic over something such as a chair or in my case the lid to a storage bin.
Fold a section of tulle in half, forming a loop at the center point.
Slide the loop under the elastic and tuck the ends through the loop.  Pull tight to form a knot.

Repeat this step until the elastic if filled to your liking.  The next thing that I did, to add a little dimension and appeal, was to add strips of ribbon.  I used 10 inch strips of 3/8 inch ribbon, and placed them the same way as the tulle.

Finally, I did a little alteration to the elastic.  I found that it stretched slightly when I tied on the tulle.  I simply stitched the elastic together and trimmed the excess.  All Done!