Monday, June 6, 2016

My Favorite Essential Oils

Good grief!  It's been ages since I've been on here!

I want to share some of my favorite essential oil recipes.  Keep in mind that I can not claim that essential oils are a cure or treatment for any affliction.  What I can say is that I have used them to help promote healing and soothing of various afflictions.

My first blend is one that I have used for eye irritation.  My eye was itchy, swollen, red, and painful.  I applied the following blend in a large circle around my eye.  The circle was along my eyebrow, to my temple, and then across the top of my cheekbone.  I then place a warm compress over my eye for about 20 minutes.
-5ml roller bottle
-3 drops Melaleuce (tea tree) Oil
-3 drops Lemon Oil
-2 drops Frankincense Oil
-1 drop Eucalyptus Globulous Oil
-1 drop Lemongrass Oil
-Top off with carrier oil, I use fractioned coconut oil

The next blend came about when my little girl got stung by a bee or wasp (we weren't sure which). It helped soothe the stings, and it helped me when I was bit by a tick. We just rolled it directly around and across the irritated area.
-5ml roller bottle
-10 drops Lavender Oil
-5 drops Melaleuca (tea tree) Oil
-5 drop Eucalyptus Globulous Oil
-2 drops Peppermint Oil
-Top off with carrier oil

Bed time can be so difficult with children.  I have used this blend many times to help encourage good sleep in my children, and my sister-in-law used it on my niece too. I rolled it on their big toe and down the arch of their feet. On older kids I usually put it behind ears too.
-5ml roller bottle
-10 drops Lavender Oil
-10 drops Cedarwood Oil
-Top with carrier oil

Before I had RC oil (Young Living Brand) in my arsenal, I used (and still use) the following blend to calm coughs.  During day hours I rub it on my kiddos chests, and at night I also put it on their feet. It has helped them tremendously.
-5ml roller bottle
-10 drops Lavender Oil
-10 drops Lemon Oil
-10 drops Theives Oil
-top with carrier oil
sometimes I also add a few drops of RC

Recently, my oldest had an earache after a weekend filled with lots of swimming.  I reached out to a friend who told me some oils that she uses for earaches.  I mixed up the following blend and rolled it in a circle all the way around the outside of her ear (never inside).
-5ml roller bottle
-15 drops Lavender
-15 drops Melrose
-Top with carrier oil

There are soooo many ways that I have found to use my essential oils!  These are just some of my favorite ones from my small arsenal of oils.