Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's Been Two Months!

Have you been following me since January?  Have you tried any of the modifications that I suggested?  Well, I'm going to break down the modifications that I've made and let you know how I'm doing with them!

Flaxseed ... I'm adding it to a lot of our foods and using in my breadings.  I have also used it many times as substitutes for things like eggs, oil etc.  It is so versatile!

More fruits and veggies ... I have been keeping TONS of fresh fruits and veggies in my house and using them to replace other snack items like crackers.  I have been adding pureed and finely diced veggies to my recipes and adding spinach to a lot of things!  Yay for spinach!  Definitely a power food!

Follow the My Plate guideline... I have been doing ok with this.  I can't say that I knocked this one out of the park, but it's a process, right?  I try very hard to follow the guideline, but sometimes I do get a little lazy and slip.  However, for most meals our plates do look very similar to this picture!
Local raised, hormone and antibiotic free meat ... We got our cow the last week of January and I have not purchased any store bought beef since.  We already had some pork from a local hog that we had purchased, so I haven't bought any store pork either.  I have been buying chickens from the store, but I have been watching labels and buying them whole in hopes that they are less processed.
Local eggs ... My daughter's preschool teacher sells eggs, so I found a regular source!  This picture is pretty much exactly what our cartons look like!  Some white, some brown and some blue!  They have been delicious and I feel better feeding them to my family!
 I am thinking about March, and I am pretty sure that I have it figured out.  I decided on ONE commitment for March so that I can work on improving the "My Plate" commitment that I'm working on.  That's ok though.  If you only make one commitment versus twenty you are more likely to succeed and less likely to give up out of frustration or the feeling of deprivation!  Keep watching for me to reveal my March commitment!  I think some of you will be very excited!

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