Thursday, February 2, 2012

Share the Love!!

Dear Readers, thank you so much for your interest!!  I hope that by reading my blog, I can inspire you to examine your own health and take steps to make it better!  I also hope that by blogging about my venture, my readers will keep me accountable so that I can not just give up and revert back to old habits!
I recently met a beautiful woman named Slava who writes a blog about my hometown.  She has the same ideas about health, wellness and educating consumers as I do!  I want to share her blog with you as a compliment to mine!  While I will be sharing with you little facts that I learn, changes that I make and recipes that I come up with, she will share important information that you may not have thought about before. Make sure to add her to your list!!
Re-Discover Washington - Health and Wellness

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