Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

I have many memories of hopping in the car with  my parents, and driving around gawking at all of the exciting Christmas lights and outdoor displays.  At least once, we went to Santa's Magical Kingdom (a drive-thru, outdoor display).  I remember being awed, as a child, by the bright and colorful lights, and by the creativity of the displays.  Have you done this with your family?  Is it a tradition?

My children get very excited when they begin seeing light displays in the late Fall.  To add a little excitement to it, I created a scavenger hunt.  While driving around looking at lights and displays, the children or entire family are challenged to find the items listed and check them off the list.

Below I have provided a FREE JPeg file for you to print and use with your family.  Have fun!

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