Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Drinking My Greens - 3 Months

I have been drinking Greens by It Works for three months now.  My goal was to improve my health using food based supplement thus decreasing my dependence on pain medication for my back/neck injury.

I feel like I am definitely headed toward my goal!  After three months, I have decreased appetite and almost none of the daily bloating and yuckiness that I once felt.  My headaches are not completely gone, but they have decreased dramatically and the severity has too.  I do still have neck and back discomfort, but the horrible pain has faded into an annoying ache.  While I still get a bit fatigued here and there, in general I have more energy.  I have also noticed that I have more good moods and less cranky times.

I am super excited to see how I feel after a year!

I also tried a couple of the so-called "skinny wraps".  They. Are. Awesome!  I have crazy results from using just two of them!  Sorry folks, I'm not comfortable posting photos that are revealing enough to display my results.  If it's any indicator of their effectiveness ... I will tell you that I have more coming!

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