Sunday, April 14, 2013

Drinking My "Greens"

For several years, I have been suffering from chronic neck / back pain and fatigue.  I have tried so many "remedies" to help ease my pain and boost my energy.  Recently, my friend Liberty asked me to give It Works Greens a try.  I decided to try it.  Why not?  The meds weren't helping, so maybe making a change could help.  I am going to be occasionally sharing my results.

There is so much info about Greens on the It Works website.  It is a supplement powder that you mix into to juice or water.  The vitamins and nutrients are in their natural, bio-available form.  To read more, visit the website.

I just finished my first month's supply of Greens.  I mix it with juice because I do not care for the flavor.  I like it a lot better than swallowing pills.  So far, no change in pain level or frequency/severity of headaches.  I have noticed a big increase in energy level.  I still get a little sleepy in the afternoons, but I do not require a nap like I used to.  I am in a much better mood most of the time as well.  Could be that the Greens has something that causes better moods, or it could be because I'm not tired and exhausted 24/7.  Either way, I'll take it!  I have also noticed that I have been eating less.  By that I mean the bad kind of eating where you are bored or tired so you snack on stuff.  I do not feel as hungry, so I am not over eating at meal time.

Overall, I am seeing for positive changes.  On to month two!

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