Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kitchen Tip - Fruit

Maybe some of you have already figured this one out, but in my mind ... I'm a genius! LOL   I have had one too many experiences with "gross things" lurking on the inside of my fresh fruit.  So, I now "prep" the fruit before consuming it.  With kids in the house, I also spend a lot of time slicing apples etc for them.  I have one of those apple slicers, but it doesn't work on all fruit.  One day I saw my under-utilized melon baller and voila!

  1. Step One ... slice said fruit in half.  If it has a hard pit in the middle, slice through as far as you can and then rotate the fruit until it is cut all of the way around.  Then grab each side and twist until it comes apart.

    2.  Step Two... Use the melon baller to scoop out seeds.
    3.  Step Three... Slice fruit, trim any ends (like where the stem is) and enjoy!

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