Sunday, March 25, 2012


Ok, I admit that I could not think of a great title for this post.  I wanted to review my use of coconut oil over the past month.  As you, hopefully, know my March commitment was to use coconut oil in place of canola.  I found a great price on Amazon and got free shipping and a subscribe and save discount.  I'm just going to make a bulleted list of my thoughts because they are not very cohesive when put together as an article.

  • I noticed that I do not use near as much oil as I thought I did.  That is great news!  I had to go back and change my subscription settings.
  • It adds no coconut flavor to my food.  Actually, I do not get any of that dense, oilyness at all!
  • My favorite uses:  grilled cheese instead of butter; I pan fried some breaded fish (hubby caught it the same day ... I'll put up a recipe).
  • My kids didn't seem to like their scrambled eggs cooked in coconut oil.  I can't eat eggs, so I'm not sure if the flavor was different or if it had more to do with the eggs.
  • Haven't tried this just yet, but I was told to make popcorn in my WhirlyPop with coconut oil and it will be the best I've ever had.
  • Coconut oil is barely solid at room temperature ... I cook at a lower temperature when using it.
  • I have not used it an any baking yet.
If you have great info or notes on your experience with coconut oil, leave a comment below!  I'm sure all will appreciate it!!

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